Plant Care Services

In addition to plant design, we also provide plant care services to help keep your plants healthy and thriving by using all organic soil mediums, fertilizers and pesticides.

We start by checking all of the plants that need care, and then assessing their overall health. We then determine if the plants are healthy and will need general plant care, or if the plants are sick or infested and will need to be treated and provided extra attention and care.

Contact us at 411@theflyplant.com to let us know about your space and plant care needs. Feel free to include pictures of your plants and space. We will be in touch to set up a free consultation!

General Plant Care

  • Power wash the foliage and stems to clean the overall plant
  • Prune and trim off dead foliage to encourage new growth
  • Neem Oil Cleaning Treatment on the foliage and stems to encourage photosynthesis and prevent pest infestation
  • Feed with organic fertilizer
  • Thorough watering with filtered water
  • Repotting if needed 


Pruning & Cleaning

Pest Infestation Treatment

  • Power wash the first layer of pests off of the foliage and stems with filtered water
  • Rubbing Alcohol Treatment to remove the pests & eggs
  • Insecticidal Soap Treatment on all the foliage, stems and soil to kill any remaining soft bodied pests
  • Neem Oil Treatment on all the foliage and stems to clean off any pest residue and help prevent a reinfestation
  • Repeat weekly until there are no signs of pests

Mealybug Treatment

Thank you for considering us to help take care of your plants so that they can grow healthy and thrive. We look forward to working with you!

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